Captain Richard Jenko (2023)

Captain Richard Jenko was the first captain of the 21 Jump Street Chapel Program. He was hit and killed by a drunk driver after the sixth episode of season 1, The Worst Night of Your Life.


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He is introduced in the pilot episode as Tom Hanson's new boss.


Tom Hanson became a police officer to honor his father. He did not like being transferred to Jump Street and particularly the brash, casual, and nurturing attitudes of Captain Jenko. Tom considered Richard's personality to be a mockery of Tom Hanson Sr.. They continued to not get along as Captain Jenko disciplined him. This was necessary as Tom continued to make mistakes as an inexperienced police officer.

Captain Jenko was a huge fan of Woodstock and some of the officers wondered if he thought Woodstock continued into the 1980s. At the same time he guided and coached the officers as if they were at The Police Academy. His uniform was deliberately outdated and had minimal equipment which he thought benefited the undercover operations.






Notes and Trivia[]

  • In 21 Jump Street (episode), Jenko wears a leather jacket with The Doors' lead singer Jim Morrison imprinted on the back.
  • Jenko claims to have been a Deadhead since Woodstock.
  • It is implied that Greg Jenko from the later 21 Jump Street movies is Captain Jenko's son. It makes sense as the beginning of the movie shows Greg as 18 in 2005, meaning he was born in 1987, the year the show started.


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